Student Support Services

VISION: Every student will have access to supports, services, and enrichment necessary to ensure that graduates obtain the skills knowledge, and character traits essential to thrive and contribute to society.

MISSION: Supporting students, families, and staff by providing services, resources, and interventions to address the varying and complex needs of each student.

Mark Herbst
Associate Superintendent, Student Support Services
(209) 492-5113

Danielle Hinkle
Senior Director, Student Support Services
McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Liaison
Foster Youth Liaison
(209) 574-1600

David Houck
Senior Director, Child Welfare and Attendance
(209) 574-1595

Christina Romero, M.A.
Senior Director K-6, SELPA
(209) 492-1789

Christi Allan, Ed.D.
Senior Director 7-12, SELPA
(209) 492-1789

Tony Lomeli
Director III, Student Support Services
(209) 574-1608

Tom Nipper
Director III, Health Services
(209) 574-1605

Madie Herrera
Director, Parent Engagement & Outreach
(209) 492-3476