Healthy Start Programs

Healthy Start Regional Centers:

Downey Region Site:
1000 Coffee Road, 95355
Daniel Villegas (HS Project Coordinator)
(209) 574-1632
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Franklin Region Site:
905 Byron Lane, 95351
Dina Brambila (HS Project Coordinator)
(209) 492-1575
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Hanshaw Region Site:
1725 Las Vegas St, 95358
Jamie Fuentes (HS Project Coordinator)
(209) 492-3011
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Orville Wright Region Site:
1602 Monterey Ave, 95351
Mayra Rojas (HS Project Coordinator)
(209) 574-1646
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Robertson Road Region Site:
1821 Robertson Road, 95351
Carlos Ramirez (HS Project Coordinator)
(209) 492-5827
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The Modesto City Schools Healthy Start Program provides a variety of school and community outreach services. It is a school-based family resource program that serves all students and families living within the Modesto City Schools attendance areas.

The Healthy Start school readiness program targets those families with young children that are not currently enrolled in any type of pre-school, day-care or head start program. Through this program parents learn that all children are "born to learn" and that parents play the most important role in their children's education. Parents also learn best by those they love. Ultimately parents discover and understand the concept "Parents as Teachers" begins in the home.

Within Modesto City Schools, there are five regional Healthy Start Resource Centers that serve District families.

Who is eligible for services?
Insured or non-insured individuals, including parents with children ages 0-5.

Types of Services provided:

  • School Readiness Activities

  • Parent Classes

  • Support Group

  • Community Resource and Referrals

  • Resource Library

  • Food and Basic Need Referrals

  • Health Care Assistance Referrals

  • Community Leadership Development

  • Access to Mental Health Clinicians

  • Nutrition Classes Including Preventative Health Care Presentations

  • Interactive Literacy Activities with Parents and Children

  • Free Community Health Clinic

  • Free Immigration Consultation

  • Substance Use Diversion Referrals

Types of Services and Training Available for Program Participants

  • Parent Child Interactive Library (First Steps for Learning Program)

  • Active Parent Workshops

  • Nutritional Education

  • CPR-First Aid

  • Car Seat Safety

  • Oral Health Ed. Teeth Varnishing

  • NAMI (eliminate stigma of mental illness

    - presentation)

  • ESL Classes

Parents in meeting

Parents in meeting

Parents in meeting

Presenter speaking in parent meeting

Hanshaw Golden Valley, Health and Wellness Parent Meeting

October 16, 2023

Parents working on project at table

Parents working on a mindfulness activity

Parents and child working on project at table

Parents completing a mindfulness questionnaire

Parents in parent meeting

Hanshaw Sierra Vista & Center for Human Services, Parent Support Meeting

October 19, 2023

Presenter presenting to parents in meeting

Parents watching presentation in meeting

Presenter presenting to parents in meeting

Downey Women's Support Group kicking off Level 2 of enrichment program