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Short-term Independent Study (STIS) 

Short Term Independent Study is available to those students unable to attend school from 3-15 days due to extenuating family circumstances. It is imperative that you provide at least 4 days prior written notice to allow for processing.  Independent Study contracts are obtained and returned to the Counseling Office.

COVID-Related Independent Study Contracts 

Independent Study is a voluntary program. The methods of study for the pupil’s work are assigned by their current teacher(s) to meet the educational objectives per established district guidelines. The students entering Modesto City Schools’ Independent Study Program have not waived any rights as a student and are entitled to all Modesto City School District services and resources. Principal or Administrative designees may deny independent study requests based on excessive absences, truancy, or other factors. For the 2021-2022 school year, independent study will provide academic access for students with COVID-related absences or quarantines. Each day’s assignments can be found within the Schoology platform on district-issued computers. Students will be assigned school work corresponding

with the required number of daily instructional minutes. These daily required minutes are:  Grades 4-12 = 240 minutes. Teachers will generate schoolwork daily for students who are absent. Directions can be located in Schoology. Teachers may also assign paper assignments. When possible, all homework is due to the classroom teacher when a student returns to school. A student’s assignment due date will be calculated based on their absences, allowing for a maximum of 2 school days of makeup time for each day of absence upon return.

Short-term Home and Hospital

A doctor’s note must accompany the referral stating how long the student will need to be on Home and Hospital instruction. Work is assigned and corrected by the classroom teacher however a designated Home and Hospital teacher is assigned as a liaison to assist the student in completing assignments. Students will receive anywhere form 1-5 hours of instruction time per week.