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What is SchooLinks

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SchooLinks is a comprehensive college and career readiness technology platform that will help Modesto City Schools students prepare for their futures. The platform provides tools and features to guide students through the process of exploring their career goals and interests.

SchooLinks helps plan for their post-high school lives by offering career interest inventories, career exploration, improving students' individual learning plans, scholarship matching, course planning, and more.

In short, SchooLinks provides us with the tools needed to support students in their college or career opportunities!

How to Login

SchooLinks in MCS App Portal

Students will be able to log in by simply clicking the SchooLinks tile in our MCS App Portal!

How to Use

Video in English and Spanish

Onboarding and SchooLinks Tour for High School Students

High School Students will learn how to complete the Onboarding,a Find your Path, Personality Match, Career Clusters, Dashboard Tour, Career Search, and College Search in this video.

Onboarding and Requesting Transcripts for Seniors

Senior Students will learn how to complete the Onboarding, Find your Path and Personality Match, Career Clusters, Majors, and Requesting and sending out Transcripts in this video.

Application Manager

Students will learn how to complete the Application Manager in this video.

Course Planner

Students will learn how to complete the Course Planner in this video.

Tips and Tricks

SchooLinks Features

SchooLinks Features

Here are some tips to make the most of SchooLinks:

  • Complete your profile: A complete profile helps SchooLinks provide tailored recommendations and suggestions.

  • Explore your Resources: SchooLinks offers a variety of resources including college profiles, career assessments, scholarship databases, and more.

  • Using career assessment tools: SchooLinks provides career assessment tools that can help you identify your interests, skills, and values.

  • Engage with your counselor: Reach out to your counselor for guidance and support throughout the college and career planning process.

  • Stay organized and proactive: Keep track of important dates, tasks, and documents and take initiative and actively engage in the college and career planning process.

SchooLinks getting started PDF

SchooLinks getting started PDF


MCS Help Desk: Reach out to our Help Desk for assistance

Don't see the latest Common App statuses

Students can manually re-sync their data between SchooLinks and Common App if they are not immediately seeing the most up-to-date information after making changes. In College Application Manager, if student opens up a specific application that they are wanting to refresh data for (such as FERPA form completion), there is a prompt on the right-hand side of the screen in the application summary box at the bottom labelled:

Don’t see the latest Common App statuses? Click here to manually refresh!)

Common App Refresh Fix