What Is PowerSchool?

With PowerSchool, parents will be able to access vital information about their children quickly and accurately. They can see the results of tests and assignments as soon as they are recorded, enabling them to intervene quickly and communicate with guidance counselors and teachers, if necessary. Day in and day out, PowerSchool will help parents help their children achieve their potential. PowerSchool is a comprehensive student information system that will enable the Modesto City Schools District to easily manage a wealth of information online: be it grades, transcripts, report cards, assessments, or daily attendance.

Parents - Getting Started

    You may request that your PowerSchool Access Account information be sent to you by contacting your school's office. A letter will be mailed to you with the codes you need. To protect the confidentiality of your student's information, we do not provide Access ID’s and passwords over the phone or via email.

    There are two separate parent portals: one for grades K-8 and one for grades 9-12. You will need to create an account for each portal if you have students in K-8 and 9-12. Once you have retrieved the PowerSchool Access Account code and password from step one above, follow the links below to set up your account and register your code. Click on the link that says CREATE ACCOUNT.

    Once you have set up your parent login(s) and associated your students to your login by entering their Student Account Codes, you may login directly by entering your Parent Username and Password that you created in Step Two above.

Students - Getting Started

Students can login to PowerSchool using their MCS network account (user ID) and password. Contact your school site if you have forgotten your password and/or user ID.

Where to log in:
At the top left of this page

*Please keep this information private and never share your login with anyone other than your parents.