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1. Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

Parents Sign Up for your Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule in ParentSquare

If you need an account in ParentSquare then go down to step 2 below then come back and do step 1.

How to Sign Up for Parent Teacher Conference

Padres Cómo registrarse para una cita

2. ParentSquare Parent Account Setup

Need to create your ParentSquare Account? Here are tutorials for parents

Step 2 is only if you need an account. If you are able to do step 1 above then you can skip this step.

Parent Account Setup for ParentSquare

Video on Account Settings and Notifications

Too Many Posts? Use the Account Settings and Notifications to choose Daily Digest!

Cómo configurar una cuenta para padres

Configuración de cuenta y notificaciones

¿Demasiadas publicaciones? ¡Use la Configuración de la cuenta y las Notificaciones para elegir Daily Digest!

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