Skooli Online Tutoring in Schoology

For All K-12 Students

Skooli offers Unlimited on-demand tutoring with professional educators with 1:1 drop-in homework help and 24-hour assignment review!

Teachers can add Skooli to your Schoology Course

Schoology External Tool

  • External Tool allows teacher to add a direct link to Skooli Online Tutoring in their course page

  • Student will have easy access, this does not give teacher any information if a student has used Skooli

  • You will need to copy and paste this URL to use when adding the External Tool in the URL box:

  • Quick How-to video

Schoology Assignment

  • Assignment allows teacher to add Skooli Online Tutoring to an assignment for additional assistance or 24-hour review with feedback of written work drafts

  • Student will have easy access, teacher can ask in the assignment that students submit a screenshot of using Skooli for any grading, bonus points, or extra credit for using Skooli within the assignment

  • Quick How-to video



Students can get to Skooli in Schoology Course on their own with these steps

  1. In the MCS App Portal click on Schoology App

  2. In Schoology, click on Courses at the top and select a course

  3. On the left side navigation click on Skooli Online Tutoring

MCS Student Skooli Tech Help Center Webpage at:


About Skooli

  • Skooli is for all students K-12

  • Online Tutoring Available 24/7

  • Support for all classes and assignment reviews

  • 24-hour written work feedback to students for their drafts

  • Available All School Year

  • Multilingual support for tutors who speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Hmong, and Filipino

  • Video - Full 50min Vendor Training for Teachers


Skooli Getting Started Flyer (and in Spanish)

Skooli Poster (and in Spanish)

Skooli Guide Tutorial - Video and Handout