StudySync Mobile App

As Modesto City Schools adopts new curriculum, students may have access to online content for that course. For the 2018-2019 school year, all 7-12 students will have access to StudySync for their English curriculum. Additionally, 7th and 8th grade students will have access to Impact for the Social Studies curriculum. How much students will be asked to do on the online content depends entirely on the teacher, so it is important to pay attention and follow directions. If students like, they can access the online curriculum from a mobile app.

StudySync is the English curriculum for all 7-12 grade students. To use the mobile app, follow the directions below.

  • Get the Code

    supporting image of drop down for profileTo sign in to the StudySync app, you will need a code from your student account. Sign in to StudySync on any web browser like normal. On the top right corner will be your name. Click that your name and choose "Profile" from the drop down menu that pops up.

    After you choose profile, a small window will pop up with an app code. Write this code down for later.

  • Download the App

    Go to the app store on your device and search for "StudySync" as all one word. Download the StudySync app that shows up in the search results. Once you have the app downloaded, launch the app on your device.

  • Signing in to the StudySync App

    After you launch the app, you will need to sign in. Remember the code you wrote down? You will need to enter it on the first screen to start the login in process.

    supporting image of first screen of StudySync app

    After you enter your code, you will need to create a 4-digit pin. Be sure to create a pin you will remember.

    supporting image of pin creation screen

    After you create a pin, select your name in the orange button and enter the pin you just made a second time.

    supporting image of name selection       supporting image of pin entry

    Remember - you will need to enter your pin every time you open the app!

  • Using the App

    supprting image of app homepageAfter you sign in, the app will take you to a home screen that looks very similar to the StudySync website. From here, you will be able to access all of your assignments, binder materials, the course library, and more. You can use the app just like the website. 

    To see your current assignments, simply scroll down the page and tap on assignment to open it. You can also access assignments by type using the 5 colored dots in the middle of the page. 

    To access other parts of the app, such as your binder or the course library, click the three bars in the top right corner. A side menu will pop out with additional options. From this menu, you can edit your profile or click “Close”. Clicking “Close” will sign you out of the app, so be careful. To close the side bar, click the X at the top right, in the same place you found the three bars.