Schoology Mobile App

supporting image of schoology in app storeSchoology is the Learning Management System for Modesto City Schools. That means that teachers can post course outlines, assignments, tests, discussions, and more on Schoology for students to look at and complete. For more information about Schoology, please visit this page

Students are not required to use the Schoology app on their personal devices. Students can always use a district desktop or laptop to access Schoology. But, many students like using the mobile app, as it offers the same functions as the website, in a smaller size. For certain versions of the app, students can even download content to work on offline! Please click through the various options below to learn more about this great app. 

Once parents create a Schoology account, they can also use the Schoology app to keep track of their students’ work and grades. Please visit the Schoology Parent Page for more information.

  • Download the App

    Go to the app store on your device, search for "Schoology", and download the app.

  • Launch the App

    Once the app is installed on your device, click on the app icon to launch it.

  • Sign In

    To sign in, you first need to find the right Schoology domain. In the white box that says “School or Doman” type the words “Modesto City Schools”.

     supporting image of app page with text box for school    supporting image of school options students can choose to sign into

    You’ll want to choose either “Modesto City Schools” if you are a student in 9-12 OR “Modesto City K-8 Schools” if you are a K-8 student. Then, you can sign in with your student ID number and your same password that you use for logging into the district computers. 

    supporting image of student signing in

  • Landing Page

    Once you sign in, you’ll be taken to the Recent Activity landing page, where you can see updates from your classes and teachers. 

    supporting image of recent activity page

  • Accessing Schoology Content

    To access everything in Schoology, at the very top left of the screen is three lines. Click on those to open up the sidebar. 

    From this side menu, you can access your messages, your connection requests, and your notifications along the top. Below that, you can access your profile, your recent activity, courses and groups. You can also check your grades and view course calendars. The app will keep you logged in, so if you need to log out for some reason, please choose Logout along the bottom. 

    supporting image of three lines in the top left of the Schoology app               supporting image of schoology with sidebar open

  • Submitting Assignments

    You can even submit assignments to Schoology through the app. To do so, follow the instructions above to open the sidebar and choose “Courses”. Then, choose the course you want to submit an assignment for. The course materials will be organized the same way you are used to seeing, so just navigate to the assignment and click on it to view it. The first page you will see is the assignment description with all your instructions. Be sure to follow directions. To submit the assignment, swipe to the right twice to find the submission page. 

    supporting image of opening an assignmentSwipe twice! supporting image of submitting

    On the “Grades/Submissions” page, you will see your current submissions, and grade if applicable. To submit something new, click the plus sign at the top and choose whether to upload a submission or create a text submission right from the app. 

  • Downloading Course Content for Offline Use

    On the Android version of the app, students can download class content for offline use. This feature lets you download assignments and other course material while you have an internet connection. When you lose internent connection, you are still able to work on class assignments. Any changes will be synced when your internet connection returns. You will need to download materials for each course. To download materials, go to the sidebar, as shown above, and select a course. In the course, there will be an arrow in the top, right corner of the screen. Tap on the arrow, and then confirm that you want to make content available offline. Then select “With Files & Attachments”. This will ensure you have access to all the course material you need. 

    supporting image of down arrow for downloading content for offiline               supporting image of download files options

    When the content has downloaded, a small green check will show up next to the down arrow. To remove the saved content, tap the same arrow (now with a green check) and confirm that you want to delete the content. You do not need to do anything special to sync content after it’s been changed offline. Simply open the Schoology app when your internet connection returns, and it will sync automatically. 
    supporting image of green check next to download arrow      supporting image of confirm download removal

  • Notifications

    Schoology will push notifications to you. If you want to change your notification settings, open the side bar on the left, and choose settings. In the screen that opens, you can customize your notification settings to be sure you are getting all the information you need. 

    supporting image of notifications