Nearpod Mobile App

supporting image of nearpod in app storeNearpod is a great lesson presentation tool. When a teacher presents a lesson using Nearpod, students are given a code. When students use that code to access the lesson content, they can see the teacher’s slides on their device screen. As the teacher moves through the lesson, students are automatically moved along too, allowing students to stay focused. Teachers can even add other learning activities, such as quizzes or drawings to assess student understanding of the material. The best part – Nearpod is easily accessed from any device with an internet connection. All students are able to use their district devices to access Nearpod lessons. 

However, students can also access Nearpod from a mobile app if they choose. Nearpod is available for both Android and Apple, and is always free to download. Follow the steps below to download and use the Nearpod app:

  • Download the App

    Go to the app store on your device, search for "Nearpod", and download the app.

  • Launch the App

    Once the app is installed on your device, click on the app icon to launch it.

  • Join a Lesson

    Once the app is launched, it will take you to a screen that prompts you to enter a code. Your teacher should provide a five letter code to type in. The code may be for a live lesson or a self-paced lesson. Be sure to ask the teacher for directions if you are unsure. 

    supporting image of code screen

    Once you enter the code, be sure to type your name on the next screen. Follow your teacher's instructions. If they ask for your full name, put it. Then hit “Send”.

    supporting image of name box

    Then, the lesson will load. If the lesson is teacher-paced, just follow along. If the lesson is self-paced, use the onscreen arrows to navigate through the lesson.

  • Taking Notes

    Students can also take notes on each slide. To take notes, click on the small arrow on the top right corner and choose the Notes option.

    supporting image of where to open notes

    Once you open the notes area, all the available slides will be listed on the pop-up. Click on a slide you wish to add notes to to select it. Then click in the text box below (where it says “Type your notes here.”) to add your notes. Click on the next slide you'd like to add notes to and then click in the text box again. Continue until all notes have been added.

    Be sure to save your notes. After the lesson, click on the Share botton near the top of the "Notes" pop up. Nearpod will allow you to email your notes to yourself. Type in your school email and click send.

    supprorting image of note-taking options