Student Messaging

sample message graphicSchoology allows users to message each other and send files under the following conditions:

  • Same Course – the student can message the teacher or administrator of a course.
  • Same School of Attendance – students can message teachers and administrators of their assigned school site.
  • IMPORTANT – Students cannot privately message other students within Schoology.
  • Messaging a Teacher Through Schoology

    Students and parents can easily send messages to course instructors. To do so:

    1. Login to Schoology from the appropriate link on the Student Applications page.
    2. Click on Courses and choose the appropriate class.
    3. Click on the Members link along the left margin.
    4. Click the gear next to the teacher name and select Send Message.

    image showing how to click on gear icon to message teacher, support for directions in text



  • How All Users Open Received Messages
    1. A red marker will indicate new messages have been received. Click on the mail icon.

      message received support image

    2. If a file has been received, be sure to click on the file link, not the sender’s name.

      how to open message support graphic

    3. Clicking on the file link will prompt the file to be downloaded.
    4. Clicking on the VIEW link will open the file in the Schoology view window.

      how to download file from message support graphic




  • Send Messages from the Top Menu

    The top menu provides a quick and easy way to access your Messages from anywhere within Schoology. When a new message arrives in your inbox, a red number displays until you open the new message. To send a message from the top menu:

    1. Click the envelope icon in the top menu.Top message access support graphic
    2. Click the option to send a New Message.
    3. Enter the recipient's name in the To field. A list of users automatically populates as you type. Note – for students and parents, only relevant teacher and admin names will appaer. 

      message recipient autofill support graphic

    4. Select the user from the list.
    5. Enter a subject and message.
    6. Click Send to complete. 
  • Send Messages from the Left Menu

    The left menu of your Home page displays the Messages center, which has all received and sent messages. To send a message from the left menu:

    1. Navigate to your Home page.
    2. Click the Messages area in the left menu.
    3. Click the New Message button.
    4. Enter the recipient's name in the To field. A list of users automatically populates as you type.
    5. Select the user from the list.
    6. Enter a subject and message.
    7. Click Send to complete.
  • How to Delete Messages in Schoology

    To delete a message, click on the check box to the left of the message, and then select Delete at the top of the page.