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What is Schoology?

Schoology is a learning management system offered to students and teachers by Modesto City Schools. A learning management system (or LMS) allows students to have 24/7 access to course content, teacher messaging, and other helpful school resources. Schoology is designed to be a one-stop shop for teachers, students, and parents to access course content. Schoology can be accessed anywhere (with internet) and on any device – meaning students are never far from learning.

How do students access Schoology?

Accessing Schoology is easy! All student accounts are made within 24 hours of a student enrolling with Modesto City Schools. To access Schoololgy, students can visit the Student Applications page and select the appropriate link for their grade level. Then students simply sign in using their student ID number and district password (the exact same way students log into district computers). Schoology uses a single sign-on technology, so students only need to remember one password. 

Once students sign in to their Schoology accounts, how do they access their courses?

Image of courses menu in schoology - access described in text.Good news! Schoology is able to sync with PowerSchool, so students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate Schoology courses. All students have to do is login, navigate to the colored bar along the top of the webpage, click on “Courses” and select the course they wish to see the material for. If a student enrolls in a new course or transfers to another school, the changes are reflected in Schoology within 24 hours, so students can focus on learning.


I’m a parent; can I see my child’s Schoology courses?

The short answer is yes! Schoology behaves like PowerSchool – parents need to create a free account and add their student via a code. Please visit the Parent Schoology page for more information.

Anything else students need to know?

Schoology is a great tool for teachers, students, and parents to stay on top of coursework. The links on the left-hand side of this page can help students learn more about how to use this powerful tool.