SSL Certificate for iPhones

All non-MCS devices and smart phones that connect to the MCS WiFi will have to install a SSL Certificate.

  • How to Install the SSL Certificate on iPhones

    1.       Connect to an MCS WiFi network

    2.       In a browser navigate to, click Download and then Open in...

    3.       Press Install in the Install Profile Screen

    Cert install graphic

    4.       If screen lock security is active, the PIN/pattern/print will have to be entered

    5.       Press Install on the Warning screen

    warning install graphic

    6.       Press Done on the Profile Installed screen

    7.       If a screen lock security feature is not in place, some of the previous steps may not appear. The prompts that do appear will be the same.

  • How to Remove the SSL Certificate on iPhones

    1.       Open Settings->General and press Profile…DecryptCert


    2.       Press DecryptCert on the Profile screen

    decrypt2 graphic

    3.       Press Delete Profile