Competitive athletics are a part of the overall educational opportunities presented to the students of Modesto City Schools. The nature of competitive sports lends itself to attracting and servicing the more physically-talented student; however, all students have the opportunity to try out for the various teams. MCS coaches are sensitive to the variety of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and religious orientations of our student athlete and they make every effort to assimilate and include all players into the team framework.

Throughout the program, and at all levels of competition, special effort is gen so that each athlete will have an opportunity to develop the traits of responsibility, sound values, team work, sportsmanship, leadership, honesty, discipline and physical fitness. We believe that competitive athletics is an arena where students can grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

California Inter-scholastic Federation for High School Sports

Modesto City High Schools compete in the Modesto Metropolitan Conference of the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section. Policies and procedures for high school athletic programs are governed by the MMC by-laws and the CIF Sac-Joaquin Section constitution and by-laws.

Victory With Honor

Modesto City Schools joins the California Interscholastic Federation in recognizing that athletics are an important component of the educational experience and that the benefits of participation go beyond the final score of a game. Coaches have the responsibility to ensure that the academic, social, emotional, physical, and ethical well-being of student-athletes is always placed above desires and pressures to win. By promoting good sportsmanship, coaches will set a positive example for all participants and fans. This Code of Conduct applies to all full-time and part-time coaches.

It is the responsibility of every coach to instill the values of “Pursuing Victory with Honor” and communicate to student-athletes and their parents that athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. To earn that privilege, student-athletes must abide by the rules and conduct themselves, on and off the field, as role models who exemplify good character.

Extra-curricular / Co-curricular Activity Eligibility Criteria

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