Summer Professional Learning Opportunities

With the need to follow health guidelines, we will be offering online, self-paced professional learning this summer. The courses will help teachers prepare for the new year, including the use of distance learning tools. 

Courses will include a 30- to 60-minute recorded training or a self-paced walkthrough. Participants will watch (pausing and rewinding as needed) the video, then complete and submit a practicum, based on the topic. All courses will all be listed in a single Schoology course, so once joined, a participant can take multiple course offerings. 

Compensation will be available for the regular contractual summer pay* as well as to finish 0.5% for those not finished. We will keep staff updated on funds available and if/when we need to conclude PD due to a lack of funds remaining. 

Courses that count for the 0.5% are labeled, if completed prior to June 30, 2020. (If the 2020-2021 contract includes the 0.5% initiative, these courses will count for the new year as well). Recorded webinars for curriculum adoptions are also included, put will not count towards the 0.5%. 

Courses that participants have previously completed, will not be considered for compensation or for 0.5% credit. 

Once you complete a course, please email [email protected] and let us know which course you completed and how you would like to be compensated, 0.5% or contractual pay*. The CIPD office will review the submitted work and add the professional learning opportunity to your PD Catalog transcript. (This will be completed every two weeks). Pay claims will be processed at the end of July.

*Classified and administrative staff can count this professional development towards their 0.5%, but there is no contractual pay for summer PD for either group.

Overview Video Explaining the Catalog

Step 1: Join the Schoology Course: All summer professional learning opportunities will be housed in the same Schoology Course. NMTM-8BRV-BTGBK

Step 2: Select a Course: There are several courses to choose from, each in a separate folder. Participants can pick and choose which courses they would like to complete.

Step 3: Watch and Submit: Watch the given video or complete the assigned workflow for the chosen course. Submit the assignments through Schoology and email CIPD.