Delegate Party Policy Committee (DPPC)

Modesto City Schools Head Start Program is a Delegate under the Grantee, Stanislaus County Office of Education. Representatives from each of the schools are selected to make up the Delegate Parent Policy Committee.

The DPPC meets once a month during the school year for approximately 1.5 hours

DPPC is responsible for very important decisions that affect the operation of the Head Start Program, such as:

  • How to spend Head Start budget money.
  • Interviewing prospective Head Start staff.
  • Determining the quality of programs in Head Start.

What Can I Do?

As a parent of a Head Start student, you can:

  • Volunteer to help in the classroom.
  • Attend the monthly parent meeting at your center.
  • Continue your involvement in DPPC.
  • Represent Modesto City Schools at the county level.