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A Cyber predator uses the Internet to hunt for victims to take advantage of in ANYway, including sexually, emotionally, psychologically or financially. Cyber predators know how to manipulate kids, creating trust and friendship where none should exist.

  • Child grooming refers to actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child's inhibitions in preparation for sexual activity with the child, or exploitation.

    Child grooming may be used to lure minors into illicit businesses such as child prostitution or the production of child pornography.

  • In 2012, cyberstalking is more common than physical harassment, according to the researchers at Bedford University in England. Imbalanced individuals who obsess over others now have dozens of convenient online means by which to follow and attack their prey. Using email, sexting, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and other social hubs, cyberstalkers can track someone's personal life quite easily.

    What Is the Definition of Cyberstalking? 

    Cyberstalking is a very serious form of online harassment. At one level, cyberstalking is much like cyberbullying, as it involves the sending of repeated annoying and unwelcome messages. But cyberstalking goes far beyond cyberbullying in terms of motivations and tactics. Cyberstalking involves a disturbed obsession with the target, and a perverse desire to control that target in some way, even by attacking the target's family members. Cyberstalkers do not wish to just torment someone for an adolescent power rush... stalkers want to force the target into some kind of submission, and are willing to involve other targets to achieve that disturbed result.

    What Exactly Does Cyberstalking Look Like?

    Cyberstalkers like to use email, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, text messaging, and sexting as their primary tools. They sometimes use online dating services, discussion forums, and mobile phone devices to stalk their prey. If the stalker is a sophisticated user, he/she will use many of these means in combination.

    Cyberstalkers commonly have four objectives:

    • locate,
    • surveil,
    • emotionally harass,
    • and criminally manipulate their prey.

    In some cases, the cyberstalker will prey on their target's family, friends, and coworkers to attack their target.