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Beginning next school year, Modesto City Schools will provide every high school student an HP x360 laptop for use during the school year. To help families support their students in this transition, we invited international leader in educational technology Alan November of November Learning to share his insights on the benefits of digital literacy!

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In the course of his presentation, Mr. November referenced online resources to assist students and parents. A brief overview of those resources is included below.

  • Advanced Google Search Procedures

    Google is, beyond question, the most utilized and highest performing search engine on the web. However, most of the users who utilize Google do not maximize their potential for getting the most accurate results from their searches.

    By using Google Search Operators, you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and effectively just by changing what you input into the search bar. Visit the Google guide to filtering and refining your results.

    For a comprehensive listing of search operators and examples of their use, please visit the Comprehensive Guide to Google Search Operators page. A few common search operators are shown below:

    • OR - [“Bernie Sanders” OR “Hillary Clinton”] – returns pages that have either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Not both.
    • AND - [“Bernie Sanders” AND “Hillary Clinton”] – returns pages that have both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
    • " " - [“a more perfect union” ] – returns exact words or set of words on web page.
    • filetype: [tax info “Donald Trump” filetype:pdf] – returns specific filetypes, like pdf links on search terms
    • - [Pokemon GO -iran] – excludes any links relating to Iran 
    • [syria “civil war”] – only returns links from sites that have .edu in the URL
  • Wolfram Alpha

    WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine: it generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links.

    From the WolframAlpha FAQ webpage:

    Education & Research

    What educational levels is Wolfram|Alpha suitable for?
    Any level, from kindergarten to graduate school and beyond. On the elementary end, Wolfram|Alpha can do arithmetic showing steps, make clocks, work with colors, and so on.

    Can I use Wolfram|Alpha to do my homework?
    That depends on your teacher. If you do use it, don't forget to cite it as a source.

    Why does Wolfram|Alpha give a different answer from my textbook?
    Check to see if your book's answer appears under "Alternate forms". It's pretty common for some forms to look different but be effectively equivalent.

    Should I cite Wolfram|Alpha when I use results from it?
    Yes. For academic purposes, Wolfram|Alpha is a primary source.

    How should I cite results from Wolfram|Alpha?
    The citable author is Wolfram|Alpha. Don't forget to include the time and/or place at which the query was made, as it can affect the result. You can reference results in individual pods by giving their names. See standard citation elements for Wolfram|Alpha for specific elements and an example.

    How can I find out what to cite when I use data from Wolfram|Alpha?
    Wolfram|Alpha should be considered the source, just as an encyclopedia or other reference would be. If you include the Wolfram|Alpha URL in your document, your readers can go to the "Source information" button to get further references. Note that Wolfram|Alpha often combines and adapts data from multiple sources.

  • EasyWhoIs Web Domain Lookup

    Users can easily lookup domain name whois records and DNS information for any top level domain name or IP address block.