Future Ready Video Resources

Please view the video below before the start of the 2017/18 school year.

PLEASE READ: There is no need to watch the videos mentioned during pre-registration days. We are simplifying the process. Please read through the list below and complete the ISTA:

1.       Make sure you designate a charging station for your device in your home. Charge your machine EVERY NIGHT. (It should not be in the case while charging.)

2.       Restart your machine when you arrive on campus, EVERY DAY. This process takes less than a minute if done regularly and ensures that you have the latest updates. 

3.       Keep the device in the provided case at all times, unless you are using it or charging it. 

4.       Please keep your device secure. Do not leave it lying around unattended. Do not throw your backpack on the ground. 

5.       Bring your device to school, EVERY DAY. There will be no devices loaned to those that forget their device.

6.       Throughout the year, you will see school updates and announcements in Schoology, including your LUNCH class. Make sure you are up to date and informed. 

Complete the ISTA prior to the start of school.

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