Theft, Loss or Hacking

Theft or Loss of Devices

Even with the most careful vigilance, sometimes students will lose their device to theft or simply misplace it, even while at school:

  • If theft of a device occurs on school grounds, the student must immediately report the theft to the discipline office. After the student files a police report, the student will receive a replacement device.
  • If theft of a device occurs off school grounds, the parent/student should file a police report and notify the computer technicians the next school day so the student may receive a replacement device. The first theft is covered under the optional limited technology coverage, with a documented police report.
  • If a student loses their device, they must report the loss to the Computer Technician at their school who will assist with the completion of a police report. The student will be fined and a replacement device will be issued. 

"Hacking" of Devices

Tampering with or “hacking*” a device by a parent or student will cause the device to be disabled. The student risks losing all work on the device if it is “hacked.” Students must deliver the disabled device to the Computer Technician at their school the next day. Upon receipt of the “hacked” device, the school site administration will notify parents of a violation of the student Conduct Code, 7-12 Level I Offenses, #22, “Tampering with Property of the School District.”*

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