Future Ready FAQs for Parents & Community

  • Will my student use the device for all of his/her courses?
    The student will have digital content in some subject areas, while for other courses, the device will be used to supplement the curriculum.
  • Will my student be able to access inappropriate material with the device?
    While the District provides basic Internet content filtering on all District devices both at school and at home, we recommend that you talk with your student about appropriate Internet safety and habits. Given the large number of new websites created every day, it is impossible for web filtering to remain 100% accurate, 100% of the time.
  • How will teachers know what students are doing with their computers during class?
    Teachers will monitor student work with LanSchool. LanSchool allows teachers to see every student’s screen.
  • How do I protect my student’s device?
    Annual optional limited technology coverage is available for purchase at each school. Families are encouraged to discuss the proper care of devices.
  • What does the service fee cover?
    The optional limited technology coverage covers the first breakage and first theft of the device. 
  • Am I required to purchase insurance (optional limited technology coverage)?
    No, but please be aware, like textbooks, parents are responsible for the cost of the device and power adapter if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Must my student use the school’s device?
    Yes, all students must have equitable access to the digital content.
  • What happens if the school device is defective?
    Simply return it to the school site Computer Technicians for replacement.

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