Future Ready Initiative

The Benefits of a Take-Home 1:1 Initiative

A “take-home” 1:1 initiative allows learning to go beyond the boundaries of the normal school day

with equitable access for all students.

Both students and teachers will reap extensive benefits of this initiative:

  • Students demonstrate increased motivation and engagement.
  • Students have an electronic means to communicate with a teacher without embarrassment.
  • Students participate in learning activities that utilize the resources they use outside of school on a daily basis.
  • Schools do not have to pay for the printing of copious quantities of paper copies.
  • Students can easily access digital documents and resources.
  • Teachers can differentiate readings and assignments based on student readiness or interest.
  • Teachers can post all documents and assignments in one location.
  • Students interact with digital content in a way that cannot be duplicated with paper, book, and pencil.
  • Students and teachers have access to the most recent and relevant information from all over the world.
  • Students acquire the technological skills that they will need in their educational career and workplace.

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