Self-nominate your child for GATE

Parents may nominate their student for GATE candidacy. Print the Referral Form in Files & Links, fill it out completely, and turn it in to your student's school.


GATE Identification Criteria

Parents, teachers, administration, students, and/or the GATE office may nominate student candidates for the GATE screening process. GATE referrals are accepted by each elementary site representative.  A “Parent Information/Permission” form is mailed by the GATE office to the parents of each student that has been referred. Every candidate referred whose parents have submitted the necessary permission slip to be evaluated, has the following information (as much as is available) collected in a file that is sent to the GATE office:

  • Report card for the 2nd Trimester
  • Assessment and Benchmark Scores
  • Current year teacher recommendation form
  • Student response form with a writing task (filled out by the student)
  • Aptitude test (to all 2nd grade students) as well as students being evaluated for GATE in grades 3-5

The aptitude test is administered at each site by a district proctor. Testing dates will be determined by the GATE office in conjunction with the sites.  Students nominated are given the aptitude test appropriate to their grade level. Students may not retake the aptitude test once they have taken it during an academic year.

The GATE screening committee meets in the spring to review candidates. Each folder is screened by three GATE committee members before a determination is made.