Student Support Services

We provide student support services to empower students, promote student achievement, encourage personal growth, and to provide an influential combination of programs and services for students at all grade levels. The services we provide places importance on counseling, advising, career and skill building, leadership, prevention and intervention, and follow-up services for students and their families. We also provide exposure to cultural events and higher education awareness through field trips, campus tours and financial aid night. Student support services are a vital part of student success.

Programs & Events

  • Bullying Assemblies and Classroom Presentations (District-wide)

    Raising awareness through school assemblies and classroom presentations.

    Bullying Hotline
    (209) 569-2814
    To report bullying, violence, harassment, and threats 24/7 or complete the
    Bullying and Safety Concern Form.

Student Leadership

  • Dovetail – Tools for Learning (All)
  • Men’s Mentoring Group (Secondary)
  • Peace4Kids (Elementary)
  • Patriot Leadership Development (Secondary)
  • Personal Achievement Route – PAR (Alt Ed)
  • Scholars Together Always Rising – STAR (Elementary)
  • School-Based Mentoring Program – 1Self (Secondary)
  • Success Through Accountability for Youth – STAY (Secondary)

Student Related Events

  • African American Education Conference
  • Asian American Youth Conference
  • Black College Expo Tour
  • Black History Celebration
  • Bullying (Assemby / Classroom)
  • Building Leaders & Cultivating Knowledge Youth Conference
  • Chicano/Latino Youth Conference
  • College & Career Events
  • Court Watch
  • Ethnic Studies Conference
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Girls Talk Conference
  • Hispanic Education Conference
  • Law Enforcement Youth Summit
  • Multi-Cultural Awareness Conference
  • Pathway to Success – College Tours
  • She Became Conference
  • Social Media (Classroom)
  • Soroptomist Conference
  • UBSUC – Central Region Conference
  • UCAN Conference
  • UP2U Female Conference

Other Services

  • Behavioral Health Consultation Model
  • Counseling 1-1
  • Group Counseling
  • Home visits
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports
  • Restorative Justice Practices
  • School site visits