Parent Support Services

Parent Involvement is the most important influence in the life of a student. Communication between the parent and the school staff is vital to the success and personal well being of our students. The services we provide places importance on parent involvement and collaboration, supporting their child’s education, prevention and intervention awareness, and building existing strengths in parents and their children through parent leadership and education.

Programs & Events

Parent Leadership

  • Parenting Partners (6 weeks)
  • 40 Development Assets (5 weeks)
  • Building Blocks (4 weeks)
  • Family Education Support Services, FESS (3 Weeks)
  • Parent Connections – ELs / Refugees (4 weeks)
  • Parent Connections – Mental Health (4 weeks)
  • Parents for Quality Education, PIQE (9 weeks)
  • Latino Family Literacy Project (5 weeks)
  • Working Together (One-time topic)
  • Parents & Technology, PAT (4 Weeks x 2 sessions per wk)

Parent Related Events

  • Bullying Hotline

    (209) 569-2814
    To report bullying, violence, harassment, and threats 24/7 or complete the
    Bullying and Safety Concern Form.

  • DACA / Immigration Workshops
  • Naturalization Classes
  • Consulate General of Mexico Services
  • Financial Aid Night
  • Parent Awareness Workshops (Various Topics)
  • Men’s Mentoring Academy Graduation
  • Black Graduates Recognition Ceremony
  • Khmer Graduation & Recognition Banquet
  • Home Visits