Family Resources

We provide resources for the main purpose of enriching the lives of all students and their families. Many students face social, emotional, medical, and/or personal problems which reduce their ability to achieve in school, and our partnerships are designed to help students overcome these difficulties. The cooperative efforts among parents, community organizations, and schools can provide the support students need to cope with the many problems they face today.

Crisis Response Team

Our team responds to situations and critical moments that involve very uncertain, difficult, and painful situations. When any crisis has occurred at our schools, our team immediately pulls together along with school site staff to join together as a team. As a team, we assemble to discuss an immediate plan of action to address the needs of our schools, students and parents.

School-based Services

  • Student Assistance Specialist

    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides short-term education, prevention and intervention services to students K-12 to build life, social and coping skills. The top 5 contact reasons are Anger Management, Academic, Anxiety, Family and Relationship Issues.

  • Mental Health Clinicians

    Center for Human Services - The mental health program provides counseling and case management to children and families. Services are provided at various schools, Family Resource Centers, and other community locations throughout Stanislaus County. They offer assessment and treatment for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral disorders and more.

  • Behavioral Health & Recovery Prevention Services

    The School Based Behavioral Health Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) program provides school based services for at risk children focusing on enhancing emotional resiliency leading to school success. These programs target the school “system or site” to increase its capacity to serve children from stressed families in culturally under-served communities who are at risk of school failure.