Bus Information

Please call our transportation department at (209) 574-1621 for bus information.

Update:  May 5, 2021

Over the past year, the Transportation Department has been working to implement an electronic bus pass system called Z Pass.

Each school bus has been outfitted with a card reader which will allow a student to scan a unique ID card that will alert the transportation office when they are riding the bus. Not only does this improve student safety, it can also be beneficial during the pandemic for contact tracing.  

To ensure we have a successful kick-off of the program for the next school year, we will hold a trial period for the Z Pass system for the remainder of this school year on select bus routes.

Thursday, May 6, bus operators will be handing out Z Pass cards to elementary students who have been selected to participate in the trial process.

If your student receives a Z Pass card, please make sure they carry their Z Pass card with them to scan when they enter and exit an MCS bus. A plastic sleeve and tie will be provided for attaching to a backpack.

Keep in mind – we will never deny a student a ride if they fail to present their Z Pass card. If your student loses the card, the Transportation Department will replace it free of charge, and not every student will be participating in the trial period.

For more information, please contact the Transportation Department