• Feedback Requested on Concept to Relocate Fremont Open Plan & Garrison


    *Update – February 13, 2020:  We compiled the questions gathered from the January 30 and February 3 meetings, and the survey linked at the bottom of the page, to create the following FAQ document: 

    • FAQ – English
    • FAQ – Spanish


    In our efforts to become a Destination District, Modesto City Schools is committed to exploring innovative ideas and concepts, while also ensuring we are considering input from our valued community partners and parents.

    We are seeking your input as we explore a concept involving the possibility of relocating two of our elementary schools – Fremont Open Plan and Garrison Elementary. This idea is focused on improving student outcomes, reducing student overflow, increasing teacher collaboration, and ensuring we are delivering the best possible experience for our students, families and staff.

    No decisions have been made yet; we want to hear your input as we explore the following:


    • Move the Fremont Open Plan (FOP) to the Garrison Elementary site. This would enable FOP to have its own dedicated school location.
    • Garrison Elementary General Education students would move to the existing Fremont Elementary site.
    • Two classrooms for students with autism that are currently housed at Fremont would move to Garrison Elementary. This is beneficial given the dedicated autism-focused specialty classrooms and staff that are already in place and thriving at the Garrison location.


    • Garrison Elementary is currently at full capacity (289 students), with 54 students overflowed to other schools. By moving to Fremont Elementary, it would enable the overflow students to return to their home school.
    • Fremont Elementary currently holds two schools at one site: Fremont Open Plan and Fremont Neighborhood School. By moving FOP to the Garrison site, FOP would have its own location to fully explore their philosophy that encompasses project and experience-based learning, immersive learning outside the classroom, whole child education, parent participation and cross-age partnering.
    • Combining Garrison and Fremont Elementary schools would create the right conditions for our teachers to collaborate with one another to enhance learning outcomes for our students.
    • Logistically, the Fremont and Garrison campuses are located in close proximity to one another (only 0.8 miles apart), so this potential solution would cause the least displacement for the students and families involved.


    As we explore this concept, we are providing multiple outlets to provide input:


    Two community meetings are scheduled at both the Fremont and Garrison Elementary locations for the following dates/times:

    • GARRISON: 6:00 p.m. on January 30 and February 13.
      • Location (both dates): 1811 Teresa Street, Modesto.
    • FREMONT: 6:00 p.m. on February 3 and February 13.
      • Location (both dates): 1220 W. Orangeburg Avenue, Modesto.


    We have set-up an online survey (see below) where you can provide your feedback and questions. Due to the nature of this survey, personal replies will not be possible. However, District staff will gather your feedback and provide responses at future Community Meetings and in related updates:


    Thank you in advance for providing your input on this concept. Upon further analysis, this concept will be considered by the Board of Education in the Spring for further discussion and potential action before moving forward.