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    Student and staff safety is our top priority. Raptor Technologies’ Visitor Management System enhances campus safety by providing a consistent system to track visitors and volunteers, while identifying people who may present a danger to students and staff. 

    Beginning August 19, 2019, everyone visiting a campus during the school day will be required to present a valid photo identification to the office staff.  Accepted forms of identification include:

    • Any state-issued driver’s license or identification card
    • Matrícular Consular card
    • Military ID (active duty or retired)
    • Permanent resident card
    • Passport card 

    Once the front desk staff scans the identification provided, Raptor instantly checks the name against registered sex offender registries nationwide. When the visitor has been cleared and entry is approved, the Raptor system prints a visitor badge with the person’s name, photo, and destination.  The visitor badge must be returned to the front office at the conclusion of the visit. 

    It is important to note that the Raptor system only scans the visitor’s name, date of birth, and photo for comparison with the national database of registered sex offenders.  Additional information is not collected or stored.  Visitors will not be required to complete this process if they are simply dropping off or picking up an item in the office.  However, if the purpose of the visit is to go to a location on campus, or volunteer in a classroom, visitors will be required to follow the new procedure.  

    We strive to provide a welcoming and warm environment for our families, students, staff, and community while communicating a culture of safety and security. Thank you for supporting our efforts to enhance school safety. 

    For more information on the Raptor Visitor Management System, see the parent letters or the FAQ below (Spanish translation pending), or visit https://raptortech.com/.