• Ten Tips for a Successful School Year


    Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year! Here are ten tips on how to make this year the most successful one yet:

    Tip #1: Talk about School Every Day
    Talk about school with your family – whether you are a student or the parent of one. Parents should ask students what they have learned, how they felt during the day, what they're struggling with. Help students to think of ways to solve the problems they face.

    Tip #2: Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet and Get Exercise
    Those who eat a healthy, balanced diet and get regular exercise can concentrate better during the school day. Find out more on our Nutrition Services webpage. Make sure to apply for Free and Reduced Price School Meals to see if your family qualifies!

    Tip #3: Help Students Learn At Home
    Every moment is a teaching moment, even at home! Help students learn at home by doing activities together such as singing, talking, reading. Visit educational places like the library, and engage your child in things that interest him or her.

    Tip #4: Attendance Counts
    When students miss school, they miss out. Each new day brings new things to learn. Parents: help your children stay on track by ensuring they attend school every day and arrive on time.

    Tip #5: Get a Good Night’s Sleep
    Getting a good night’s sleep helps students get up on time, feel good, and be ready for a full day of learning! Sleep is key to a happy, healthy life.

    Tip #6: Have a Regular Time and Place to do Homework
    Having a regular time and place for homework increases concentration and focus on the tasks ahead, and helps ensure homework gets done on time. Students should find a place that is quiet, well lit, and stocked with the materials needed to perform well academically.

    Tip #7: Have a Positive Attitude towards Learning
    This goes for both parents and students! Attitudes are infectious. Students who are positive about school are more engaged and perform better, and parents who have a positive attitude towards learning and school can excite children with their enthusiasm.

    Tip #8: Get Involved
    Students: There are many ways to get involved, such as going to events, joining a club, or signing up for a sports team. Getting involved not only helps you get into college, it gives you great experiences. Parents: Volunteer in the classroom, and you’ll see your children become more engaged. It is also a great way to see what your children are learning!

    Tip #9: Read Every Day
    Set aside time to read every day! It is important for students of all ages to read. Reading enables you to explore favorite topics, learn new things, and exercise your brain. Parents can read alongside their children to help them grow their love for reading.

    Tip #10: Attend School Events
    Sporting events, open house, plays and performances – attend as many as you can. No matter the event, just being there will help you learn about the great things going on at your school, meet new people, and see the work students and staff put in to student learning and growth.