• “The Eddies” Recognized Students with Outstanding Character


    Modesto City Schools recognized 69 students for their outstanding character at “The Eddies” awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 26.

    Modesto City Schools emphasizes nine character traits as essential elements of the moral and ethical behavior of every student and employee: courage, civility, respect, loyalty, honesty, compassion, perseverance, responsibility and initiative. Teachers and principals nominated two students from their school who consistently demonstrated those character traits through their behavior, attitude, service and commitment to school.

    Additionally, the Superintendent’s Award is presented to one student honored for character education at a Board of Education meeting. This year, Superintendent Pam Able selected Roosevelt Junior High School eighth grader Noah Martin for his perseverance.

    The event included entertainment by the Downey High Madrigals singers. The 2016 honorees are:

    • Beard Elementary: Sixth-graders Gianna Galati and Sydney Shores
    • Bret Harte Elementary: Sixth-graders Jasmin Carranza and Sebastian Navarro
    • Burbank Elementary: Sixth-grader Elias Lopez Castaneda and fifth-grader Kody Reeves
    • El Vista Elementary: Sixth-graders Ashley Lopez Biggs and Angel Barron Robles
    • Enslen Elementary: Sixth-graders Andrew Cardenas and Indira Kane
    • Everett Elementary: Sixth-graders Austyn Kerr and Tony Sepulveda
    • Fairview Elementary: Fifth-grader Alberto Cardenas and sixth-grader Cesar Diaz Mejia
    • Franklin Elementary: Fourth-graders Ivie Maberry and Gabriela Vallejo
    • Fremont Elementary & Fremont Open Plan: Sixth-graders Jennifer Cortez and Gracie Maldonado Roberts
    • Garrison Elementary: Sixth-graders Akouavi Abok and Brian Prasad
    • Kirschen Elementary: Sixth-graders Citlali Bustos Miranda and Kayla Renee Muller-Markham
    • Lakewood Elementary: Fifth-graders Adin Blevins and Hugo Kachinski
    • Marshall Elementary: Sixth-grader Isaac Garza and fifth-grader Natalie Pizarro
    • Martone Elementary: First-grader Alejandro Leon and fifth-grader Isaiah Nickell
    • Muir Elementary: Second-grader Hena Hafiz and fourth-grader Nathan Wantland
    • Robertson Road Elementary: Sixth-graders Cesar Martinez Valencia and Brianna Valeria Ceja Vasquez
    • Rose Avenue Elementary: Sixth-graders Brandon Harris and Destiny Padgett
    • Shackelford Elementary: Sixth-graders Jazania Nunez Mendoza and Gabriela Sanchez Osorio
    • Sonoma Elementary: Sixth-graders Alecka Cenon and Emma Musso
    • Tuolumne Elementary: Second-grader Rylee Bryant Aguilar and fifth-grader Andrea Salgado
    • Wilson Elementary: Sixth-grader Nayeli Bojorquez Espinoza and third-grader Raymond Loredo
    • Orville Wright Elementary: Fourth-grader Luis Rivera and sixth-grader Heaven Perez
    • Hanshaw Middle: Eighth-graders Isael Perez Ayon and Azucena Tellez Miranda
    • La Loma Junior High: Eighth-graders Leonardo Angulo and Alexis King
    • Mark Twain Junior High: Seventh-graders Belen Juarez Martinez and Vanessa Muniz
    • Roosevelt Junior High: Eighth-graders Hasan Banna and Abigail Van Diepen
    • Downey High: Juniors Samuel Alessandra and Jenifer Sanchez
    • Elliott Alternative Education Center: Senior Jessy Garcia and junior Tammy Garcia
    • Enochs High: Seniors Angelica Lee and Jillian Willis
    • Gregori High: Seniors Saira Barajas and Andrew Rhodeman
    • Johansen High: Seniors Ernesto Gonzalez and Ashley Pierce
    • Beyer High School: Seniors Bethany Harper and Elizabeth Roseman
    • Davis High: Senior Leonardo Hermosillo and junior Olivia Navarrette
    • Modesto High: Seniors Nicole Parhizgari and James Robison

    For brief biographies on the honorees, see the program attached.