• What Is Measure F?


    Is it time to change how we select the School Board?
    The November 3rd election is your chance to decide.

    Measure F removes the requirement in the Modesto City Charter that the Board of Education be elected on an "at-large" basis. This change will give the District and its voters the option to adopt a different method of selecting its Board, such as a district-based election.

    How is the Board currently selected?

    The District is currently governed by a seven-member Board of Education. The Modesto City Charter requires the Board of Education be elected on an at-large basis. This prevents the District from adopting district-based elections, or any other type of election.

    What is the difference between "at-large" and "district-based" elections?

    An "at-large" election is an election where there are no districts and all voters select the members of the Board of Education. Generally, at-large elections focus on the entire school district. District-based elections generally focus on the needs of the individual communities within each district.

    How do other school districts select their school boards?

    In other school districts, voters elect their school boards using various methods, including at-large and district-based elections. Some districts use hybrid systems where a few board members are elected at-large and other members are elected by district. Most school districts are free to adopt any voting system permitted by the California Education Code because most districts are not restricted by a city charter.

    Over the past several years, many school districts from throughout California have switched from at-large and hybrid elections to district-based elections. The adoption of district-based elections protects school districts from lawsuits based on the California Voting Rights Act.