The initial ISTA process required that students change their passwords as the last step. The implementation of complex passwords is needed at all secondary levels due to the proliferation of hacking techniques. Due to the complex interaction between Chromebooks and password resets, the decision was made to separate the mandatory password reset from the ISTA process. Therefore, the current ISTA process only requires students to view the video, complete the short quiz and agree to the terms and conditions. This process can be done from any internet-connected device or smartphone with a stable connection.


A process will start running each night that will identify students that have NOT completed the ISTA and their existing password will be changed. The next day, these students will need to have a teacher or office staff member use MOSIS to reset their password. The student will use the new MOSIS-generated password for the remainder of that day. Overnight, if that student still has not completed the ISTA, their password will again be changed, requiring the student to do the same process every day until they complete the ISTA.

*Note that this nightly reset model will also prevent students from logging into their District device and into District third-party utilized websites on Saturday and Sunday if not completed by Friday afternoon of that current week. This is unavoidable.


Student passwords are set to expire after 366 days, based upon when they last reset it. This cycle has not changed from last year. At login, (on Windows devices only) students will get notifications prior to the password expiration. Students must use a District network-connected PC to change their passwords. Chromebooks & Apple/Macintosh devices CANNOT be used to reset passwords. Information about passwords and how to reset them can be found at the document linked above.


wifi graphicWhen a student logs in to a Chromebook, that device remembers the password tied to that username. The instant a student has their password reset, the password stored on the Chromebook is no longer valid and will NOT allow the student to properly utilize their device and third-party district websites. The student is going to have to first go into the Wi-Fi settings and update the stored password with their new password. Once updated, they will be able to login with the new MOSIS generated password.

For more information about logging in to a Chromebook after having your password reset, go to this webpage. Click on the section titled Chromebooks.