Useful Health Information for Parents

Asthma: Asthma is a prevalent health issue that affects approximately 21% of school aged students. In 2007, approximately 1.74 million school days were lost due to asthma. Asthma management requires a partnership between schools and parents. Modesto City Schools is concerned with the impact that asthma has on student learning and ability to be successful. Modesto City Schools participates in programs to address asthma. Below are some of our programs and resources for parents. Click on the weblinks below for more information.

  • Asthma Friendly Flag Program: Modesto City Schools is a member of the Stanislaus County Asthma Coalition and participates in the Asthma Friendly Flag Program. Flags are displayed weekday mornings on the school flagpole. The flag color designates the air quality forecast for the day. School staff and parents can monitor air quality and plan outdoor activities accordingly.

  • Tools for Schools Program: Indoor air quality can affect everyone especially those who have asthma or allergies. Air fresheners and scented cleaning products are not allowed in classrooms. School staff may participate in our Tools for Schools Program by actively reducing asthma triggers in the environment.

  • Parents: Parents are an important partner in managing asthma in children. To find information on asthma and how you can help at home, click here: Dusty the Goldfish, Asthma Triggers, Asthma at Home. If your student will need asthma medications while attending school, a medication form with a healthcare provider's authorization is needed before medications can be given at school. With a healthcare provider's authorization, students may also carry an inhaler with them after a "self-administration" form has been completed. These forms are available on the Health Services’ main web page. Please see your school nurse for more information or contact Health Services at (209) 574-1605.

  • School Environmental Health and Asthma Collaborative (SEHAC): Modesto City Schools is a partner in this collaborative that is comprised of many agencies, including non-profit agencies, government and education. SEHAC’s mission is to increase awareness in school communities of the importance of addressing air quality and asthma. There are many resources available to families and school community members, including short 3-5 minute videos known as Asthma Quick Takes.

Immunizations: California law requires all students to have up to date immunizations before entering any public/private school or have a medical waiver from a physician on file at school. To learn more about the law or required immunizations, click here: Guide To Immunizations Required for School Entry. If your child is missing a required immunization for school entry, contact your child's health care provider. Students can also obtain immunizations at the Stanislaus County Public Health Immunization Clinic. Please call the clinic at (209) 558-8865 for information.