Financial Aid

Your college counselor is your primary source in helping you navigate the financial aid process. Financial aid encompasses FAFSA, Cal Dream Act, Cal Grants and Scholarships. The FAFSA / Cal Dream Act filing dates are October 1 - March 2 of your senior year. Scholarship deadlines vary throughout the year. Apply early, DEADLINES ARE NOT SUGGESTIONS!


Apply for all scholarships that you qualify for!  You will have to put in the effort to find scholarships and complete all of the requirements for the applications. Each scholarship has its own criteria, application, and deadline.  Most scholarships are based on extra-curricular activities, community service, and academics.  Some will require letters of recommendation, essays, or official transcripts.  

Click here for the MCS Scholarship Bulletin provided monthly by the high school college counselors.  Scholarships limited to specific high schools will be announced by your college counselor.