Crime Prevention Tips

Student's Speak Out

School Burglar Prevention
Please assist Modesto City Schools in the prevention of burglaries to our schools.

  • Community Members: If you see suspicious activity on or around schools or district sites, phone the Modesto Police Department at 9-1-1 (24 hours).
  • Employees: Check and lock your classroom and office windows before you leave. If you think the current security screens will stop a burglar, you are wrong. You need to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to obtain entry. An unlocked window or door is an open invitation to a criminal.
  • Inspect your door and window locks regularly.
  • Request to have pick-plates (metal plates that cover the door latch) if they are not already installed.
  • Engrave identification numbers on all valuable equipment (e.g., TVs, VCRs, radios, and all computer components). Keep a record available for the police if necessary.
  • Store valuable equipment in a secured area if possible. If a secured area is not available, store away from open view.
  • Do not give or loan school keys to anyone.
  • Obtain prior authorization to enter a school or district facility during non-school hours and be certain to follow proper entry procedure. If you have any questions regarding authorization or proper procedure, contact your site administrator.

Theft Prevention
Theft is the most common type of crime on campus and district facilities. It is also on of the most preventable.

  • Do not leave your purse, wallet, or back pack unattended, EVEN FOR JUST A MINUTE.
  • Employees - leave valuable items at home or lock them up when you arrive to work.
  • When possible, carry wallets, keys and other valuables with you, or in an inside pocket or other suitable place, other than your purse.
  • Do not flash cash or credit cards on campus. Be aware that someone may be watching you.