Modesto City Schools consists of two separate school districts---an elementary district that serves students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade and a high school district that serves students in grades 9 through 12.

With 34 schools and a range of high-quality programs including pre-school, alternative education, vocational education, after school programs, GATE, and adult education, we know that you will find a school or program that will meet your educational needs.


  • How do I find out which school my child would attend?

    In most cases, that depends on your address of residence, but there are programs such as Open Enrollment and Inter/Intra-District Transfers that can allow you to attend a specific school, even if you do not live within its boundaries. Use the School Finder to determine your school of residence.

  • What programs are available at Modesto City Schools

    Modesto City Schools offers a wide variety of educational programs to help your child reach their true potential. Each school site has specific programs that are unique to the school. Contact the school site to find out what programs are available, or to view a list of School Programs

  • If we move to a new address within Modesto, do my children have to change schools?

    There are programs available that can allow students to stay at a school even if they no longer live within that school’s boundaries. You may request that your child remain at a particular school through one of our Transfer Options.

  • How can I find out the performance level of my neighborhood school?

    Modesto City Schools are proud of their achievements and continued improvement. The School Accountability Report Card (SARC), or on the California Department of Education's online resource, DataQuest.

  • How do I find out what programs each high school offers? What are my options to enroll in these schools?

    Contact the school site directly to find out what programs are available at that school, or see our list of School Programs. There may be Transfer Options available to allow students to pursue a specific program of instruction not available at their home school.

  • Does Modesto City Schools offer magnet schools?

    A typical Magnet school provides the academic curriculum with a specific area of focus, and all courses are taught with that focus in mind. We do not have typical "Magnet Schools." However, each of our schools offers a wide range of unique School Programs that encourage and challenge our students. We offer Transfer Options to allow students to pursue a specific program not available at their home school.

  • What is the earliest that we can enroll our child in school?

    Kindergarten enrollment begins in March. students must turn 5 years old by September 1 of the current year to enroll. Please review the specific kindergarten enrollment requirements. Students in all other grade levels can enroll at any time prior to attending class, and students are expected to attend school immediately when school is in session. Please be sure to review our Enrollment Requirements and bring the proper documents with you to enroll your student.

  • Should we wait until the start of a new school session to enroll?

    No. Students are required by law to attend school daily and should enroll as soon as residence is established within the boundaries of a specific school.

  • Can we enroll a student if we do not have a permanent address?

    Students declared "homeless" (sharing housing due to economic hardship, living in motels, camp grounds or shelters, awaiting foster care placement, living in substandard housing) may enroll without the usual required documents such as immunization records or proof of residence. They should contact Modesto City Schools State and Federal Programs for assistance. (209) 574-1615

  • Can I enroll students from different grade levels at the same time?

    Each student must have their own registration material on file at their respective schools. Students who attend the same school may enroll at the same time and students who attend a school at a different level (elementary, junior high, or high school) will need to be enrolled at the appropriate school of residence.