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G230 Academy provides students that are struggling in a traditional classroom setting the opportunity to obtain academic credit and extended teacher support in an alternative setting designed to help those students earn their high school diploma.

Students in 12th grade who are deficient credits and need recovery intervention in order to make up credits and receive a diploma receive enrollment priority. Those who achieve sufficient credit recovery prior to graduation may graduate with their current high school site, or they may return to their comprehensive site of residence at the semester if they are back on track for graduation.



Monday, January 14, 2019, is the first day back after Winter Break.  If you have a student on the wait list, calls for appointments were made last week. If you did not receive a phone call and your student is on the wait list, please call (209) 492-5128 as soon as possible.  New students to the Academy will not start until Tuesday, January 22, 2019, after Semester 1 grades have been posted.

Please call Lori Murphy at (209) 492-5128 with any questions.


G230 Academy Mid-Year Graduation is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at 6:30pm in the Downey HS auditorium.  This annual graduation is for summer school 2018 and 5th year or super senior 2019 graduates.  Graduates must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.


Remind is an app or desktop tool that allows staff, students and parents to communicate via text message or email.  Remind also has the ability to translate which makes it an invaluable asset allowing G230 Academy teachers to communicate better and more directly with non-English speaking parents.

*Note: If your mobile carrier is Verizon you must download the Remind app to be able to continue receiving messages from G230 Academy.

A link has been added in “Files and Links” with instructions on how to join Remind and start sending and receiving messages with your student’s caseload teacher as well as the original G230 Remind which provides general information and reminders about events or activities happening in the Academy.


Student cell phones MUST be turned off and kept in an Academy-provided pouch at all times.  Cell phone violations are considered to be very serious and may result in a student being dismissed from the Academy.  Also, smart watches are not allowed at any time in G230 Academy.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are a parent or guardian and need to contact your currently enrolled student, please call our main phone number at (209) 492-5128.


Important dates for the 2018-19 school year have already been posted on the Modesto City Schools website!  Find them now under Files & Links.  Also, the Graduation Schedule has been approved and can also be found in the Files & Links section.

Who Attends?

Down Credits - High school juniors and seniors who are deficient credits, need recovery intervention and accelerated options to make up credits and get back on track for graduation.  Seniors have priority but junior referrals are accepted for the following school year.

Special Circumstances

  • Students identified as at-risk of dropping out and who, for a variety of reasons, have found that the traditional structure of a comprehensive site is not the ideal learning environment for them.
  • Students who demonstrate skills in organization, motivation, and self-discipline that would make an individualized, on-line learning environment more suitable for their learning style and success.
  • Students must be able to attend classes daily and provide their own transportation.
  • Students must demonstrate behavior consistent with a quiet, productive learning environment.

How is a student enrolled?

High school administrators and counselors refer students to the G230 Academy. Enrollment depends on available space. When the program reaches capacity, subsequent referrals are placed on a wait-list until space becomes available. G230 Academy staff notify counselors and/or students or parents when space opens up and they are next on the wait-list. In some cases, the G230 Academy can enroll students who have not obtained their diploma and who have not been continuously enrolled in school after their 12th grade year.

For more information, please contact Lori Murphy at (209) 492-5128.

G230 Academy

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