Alternative & Career Technical Education

Rachelle Barkus
Senior Director, Educational Options
Phn: (209) 492-4222
Fax: (209) 574-1581

The department is charged with oversight of Modesto City Schools’ Career Technical Education (CTE) programs (previously known as Vocational Education) and the District’s Alternative Education programs.

Department Goals

Alternative Education
Providing and supporting a variety of educational options to assist at-risk students who struggle in the traditional comprehensive educational environment.

Modesto City Schools has a system of programs, special schools, and educational options to provide alternatives to students who are significantly down credits, at-risk of dropping out, who wish to accelerate, who have unique circumstances, or those who for a variety of reasons have not experienced success in the traditional comprehensive structure.

Career Technical Education
Provides a wide array of rigorous and relevant Career Technical Education programs that combine academic knowledge with technical skills and application of learning in hands-on, real life contexts to prepare students with viable skills for today’s increasingly complex workforce.

The department supports the District’s existing CTE programs in order to keep them current with industry standards and expectations, and works to develop new and innovative programs to meet the region’s expected employment needs.