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  Superintendent Noguchi


Update - March 1, 2019

It is exciting to see all the work we’ve been pouring ourselves into since the start of the school year taking shape into the form of Strategic Goals! It has been a long process, involving internal and external focus groups, the Strategic Goal Setting Committee, District Managers, Extended Cabinet, and Executive Cabinet. We have remained focused on writing goals that will create the right conditions for student success.   

We continue to refine the goals, and the strategies we will implement to meet the goals, as we strive to ensure they are clear, purpose driven, and impactful. The Strategic Goals will provide a clear focus to help us reach our overarching goal of improving student outcomes. I look forward to presenting the final product at the March 11 Board of Education meeting.    

In January, I shared that Executive Cabinet is reading Coherence – The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems?by Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn.?So far, we’ve discussed two of the four components of the coherence framework – focusing direction and cultivating collaborative cultures. The Strategic Goals will go a long way in focusing direction. 

In the book, a collaborative culture is described as a “dynamic force that uses relationships and shared expertise to turn complexities and fragmentations into a focused, coherent force for change… cultivating the expertise of everyone to be focused on a collective purpose.” I love the phrases “coherent force for change” and “collective purpose.” Working together, we have the potential to be a force for change for our students. Stay tuned for more from this book.  

I’m excited about the progress we are making towards real change for our students! Working together, we will create the right conditions for ALL of our students to be successful! 

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