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Update - March 15, 2019

We’ve accomplished a lot of great work over the last two weeks! Last week, it was all about negotiations (more on that below), and this week has been all about the proposed District Strategic Goals and reorganization plan. I am proud of all the work put into the creation of the goals and reorganization.Represented within these plans is feedback from parents, students, staff, and community.It has truly been a collaborative effort. After presenting the information four times in three days, I think I could present it in my sleep!

The first presentation of the proposed goals and reorganization plan was Monday’s Board of Education meeting. Then on Tuesday, we presented once in the District Office Staff Development Center, and again at Reno Avenue. Tuesday afternoon, the information went out in an email to all staff. The email included a link to the video of the Board presentation, and the PowerPoint.

Wednesday, we presented the information to District managers. At all gatherings, we provided the opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, and express concerns. There was also a link in Tuesday’s email to provide an opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, and express concerns.

Many of the questions asked in person were regarding the physical location of people. We expressed our desire to keep departments/divisions/programs together, and that will require some employees to change their work location. The majority of the movement is between the Pearson Education Center and Reno Avenue.

One of our credit recovery programs, G230, and our CTE staff located at Reno Avenue will be moving over to Pearson, and our coaches and curriculum folks located at Pearson will be moving over to Reno. The Pearson Education Center will house programs for students, while the Reno Avenue facility will house professional development programs for staff.

So far, the feedback I’ve received regarding the proposed goals and reorganization plan has been mostly positive. I am confident the board will support the proposed District Strategic Goals and the reorganization plan at the March 18 Special Board Meeting.

The District and MTA bargaining teams reached a tentative agreement Thursday, March 7. I appreciate the effort put forth by both groups. If approved by the Board of Education and MTA, we will be offering full-day transitional kindergarten and full-day kindergarten beginning next school year. I feel the agreement reached sets in motion a strong foundation from which to build upon. Students will have more time with the teaching and learning process, and teachers will have more time to collaborate together which can be a powerful force toward improving outcomes for students.

I attended a number of great events over the last two weeks, but the standout is the Every Student Succeeding breakfast which honored students who have overcome serious challenges. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this event – talk about tugging on the heartstrings! It was a good reminder of why we do what we do.

Our students are facing serious challenges, many we cannot comprehend. We must make our schools a safe haven for all students. Education is their ticket to a brighter future. Working together, we can create the right conditions to ensure all our students have a bright future.

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