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  Superintendent Noguchi


Update - October 10, 2018


A high functioning team needs a gamebook – a set of operational protocols created to ensure optimal productivity.  Given that I am new to this team and new to the District, I am grateful to our Board of Education for their willingness to take time to review our protocols.

 Governance Team Protocols

We began, and continue, to review the protocols that we agreed to regarding operations.  Examples of these include best practices for Board Members to share community concerns with the Superintendent, the process for placing an item on a Board meeting agenda, protocols around accepting public comments at Board meetings, and more.  It is important to note that protocols are different from policies in that they are essentially friendly agreements between the Board Members and Superintendent regarding how we work together as a team. Policies are the law of the District. Board protocols have been in place in Modesto City Schools since 2013.

To that end, it is important to note that operational protocols are not intended to alter an individual Board Member’s personal leadership style; rather they are intended to help us make sure that all responsibilities are clear, and that they are met. 

For example – and not unique to our District – some Board Members have children in our schools, and they may want to continue to volunteer in classrooms and attend school events as a parent, not in their official Board Member capacity. This would mean they can be present at their child’s school without scheduling a visit.  Alternatively, when Board Members visit schools in their official capacity, our protocols outline that they will notify the site administrator a couple of days in advance to ensure their visit will not disrupt instruction, testing or other critical work.   

The Board began to discuss our protocols on August 9, and this discussion will continue in our next special meeting scheduled for October 29, at 4 p.m.

 Vision, Values, Mission

In our October special meeting, we plan to discuss the very important themes of vision, values and mission, which serve as the overarching guide for work across all departments and throughout our District.

All meetings are held in the Board room at the District office, and as always the meetings are open to the public.


Sara Noguchi, Ed.D

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