District Strategic Goals

Goal One:  Increase academic achievement and ensure equitable access to enable all students to attain college and career readiness.


    1. Ensure Great Instruction First Time.
    2. Increase students being identified as “prepared” in the college/career indicators. Increase students being identified as “prepared” in the college/career indicators.
    3. Increase English Learner growth toward English proficiency.
    4. Develop a Multi-Tiered System of Support for all students.
    5. Ensure students have access to enrichment activities at all school sites.
    6. Increase access to general education for students with disabilities.


Goal Two:  Ensure all employees have access to high quality professional development.


    1. Increase targeted professional development in the areas of early literacy, mathematics, English Language Development (ELD), effective PLC teams, culturally responsive instruction, and leadership development.
    2. Ensure all staff has professional development in the area of building their capacities as professionals.
    3. Ensure training is available to support students in their development of MCS Character Traits.


Goal Three:  Provide a safe, welcoming, and respectful learning environment for every member of the school community while ensuring effective district-wide communication for students, staff, families, and community partners.


    1. Implement the recommendations identified through the Safety Task Force.
    2. Promote outstanding students, families, staff, programs, schools, and community partners.
    3. Increase regular two-way communication with stakeholders regarding student progress and other important issues.
    4. Improve customer service for students, families, staff, and community to support welcoming school environments.
    5. Improve operational efficiencies through the use of technology, and improved network infrastructure.


Goal Four:  Ensure the District is fiscally and operationally sound.


    1. Implement sustainable plan for the budget under the Local Control Funding Formula.
    2. Engage stakeholders in a District Budget Committee process.
    3. Invest in school facilities and infrastructure for safe and clean facilities.
    4. Plan and implement short and long-term strategies to decrease declining enrollment.


Goal Five:  Recruit, hire, train, and retain high quality staff.


    1. Create a District culture of valuing all employees to facilitate hiring and maximize retention.
    2. Strengthen partnerships with local teaching, training, and employment programs.
    3. Expand recruiting and hiring processes to provide support, maximize retention, and increase diversity in the certificated, classified, and management workforce.
    4. Improve communication and collaboration within and between Human Resources and other departments and sites to better meet the District’s vision, mission, values, and strategic goals.


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