Safe Schools and COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Updated March 23, 2021 –

Modesto City Schools updated its TK-12th grade opening plan to reflect recent California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and California Department of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA) guidelines. This document provides an overview of the campus procedures, learning models and health and safety protocols, as well as details on the COVID-19 Prevention Plan and the CDPH Checklist for Reopening Schools:



Updated November 20, 2020 –

Board of Education Trustees approved the TK-6 Safe Schools Reopening Plan and Waiver Application at the October 19 Board meeting. The Stanislaus County Health Services Agency approved the Waiver Application allowing Modesto City Schools to welcome the first groups of students in grades TK-2 back to elementary school campuses for in-person instruction on Thursday, November 12. 

Here are some key takeaways from the TK-6 Safe Schools Reopening Plan:

  • Parents/Guardians choose whether to send their student to school for in-person instruction or remain in 100% distance learning.
  • All TK-6 grade classes are split into two groups – Group A and Group B.
  • Group A attends school on campus Mondays and Tuesdays, and participates in distance learning Thursdays and Fridays. 
    • TK-2 grade students returned Monday, November 16
    • 3-6 grade students will return Monday, November 30
  • Group B attends school on campus Thursdays and Fridays, and participates in distance learning Mondays and Tuesday.
    • TK-2 grade students returned Thursday, November 12
    • 3-6 grade students will return Thursday, December 3
  • Wednesdays are distance learning days for all students.
  • Instruction is live and simultaneous for all students – on campus and distance learning.
  • All health and safety protocols, including mask requirements for students, are included in the Waiver Application and Reopening Plan linked below.

At November 9 Board of Education meeting, Trustees approved the 7-12 Safe Schools Reopening Plan. At this time, junior high students are slated to return Tuesday, January 19, 2021, and high school students are slated to return two weeks later. However, in order for 7-12 students to return, Stanislaus County must be in the Red Tier of the State’s COVID monitoring dashboard, and have been in the Red Tier for at least two weeks prior to the reopening date. Watch the video of the board presentation (cued to start of presentation), or see the PowerPoint for additional information.

As mentioned earlier, parents and guardians have the option to keep their students in 100% distance learning.





See the feedback collected from TK-6 parents, 7-12 parents and staff:



MCS hosted virtual interactive TK-6 Reopening Forums – click each link to view the recording of each event: